Guild Updates

Thar be Dargons?

With the exception of 1 or 2 people playing Wrath Classic, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone in Discord playing WoW (or talking about it) much the past year.  Dragonflight has been a silent topic so far.  If you’re wondering whether PoBD is planning anything this upcoming expansion – the answer is “Probably not”.  The Guild is still on Stormrage if you need an invite (and free repairs).

There has been plenty of activity the past year, just not in WoW.  Jump in Discord and there’s a good chance you’ll find someone to play something.  The Contact Us page remains up-to-date as well.

Finding Buried Treasure (aka “Tet Marks the Spot”)

Now, we all know the true treasure in Pirates is the friends we made along the way.  However, sometimes there’s even more bounty to be found…

As the esteemed Tetrahydra and Springy re-boarded the ship, I was given a treasure map.  Apparently over the years they had recorded and compiled videos of various encounters, humor, and what not but never shared or released them.  Tet was kind enough to lead the way, we stuck our shovels in the dirt, and the treasure was found.

I am excited to announce that there are 12 videos in total.  I have begun the process of creating a YouTube channel and uploading each there.  The channel can be found at

I hope you enjoy each as much as I do, and a big Thank You to anyone involved in making them.  Please let me know if you ever have any images or videos to share, and I will include them in the Gallery.

Plans for Shadowlands?

I hope everyone has been well.  Thus far there are no major, formal plans for PoBD at the release of Shadowlands.  That being said, a few people have already begun coming back during the pre-patch, and there’s been some chatter in Discord.  I’m sure there will be at least a handful of active people which perhaps evolves into some groups (or more).  The Guild is still on Stormrage, and there’s usually 15+ people online in Discord most days.  Whether or not you have any interest in playing Shadowlands feel free to get in contact.

Happy 15th Birthday! (and new website)

Today marks the 15th year of our glorious Guild’s foundation.  Throughout that decade-and-a-half we’ve had hundreds of Pirates sail aboard our ship.  When I look in Discord it’s amazing to see who is still around and for how long.  Many people have spent a portion of their lives growing up amongst this group, while some of us just merely aged.  Hell, some of you probably signed the original Guild Charter.  No matter how or when you joined it’s been great sailing the seas with each of you all these years.

In an effort to grow those numbers, I felt now was as good a time as any to overhaul the website.  The previous one had become defunct, and to those of you who submitted something via the old Contact Us page, I’m sorry if you didn’t hear back from me.  It was only recently I learned that some plugins and server issues were preventing the e-mails from being sent.  Things are now greatly improved and hopefully more future-proofed.  I can’t take credit for the design – so a tip of the eye patch to the man behind the curtain for all your work.

Thanks to everyone involved, and here’s to another great 15 years and beyond.

Set Sail for Stormrage

A group of former, proud Pirates have returned for Battle for Azeroth.  We’ve started an Alliance guild on Stormrage.  Contact Us to find your way home.

PoBD – Alliance – Stormrage

Former names, associations, and incarnations include:

Pirates of Balls Deep – Alliance Guild – Illidan-US
PoBD – Alliance Guild – Illidan-US
Debauchery – Alliance Guild – Illidan-US