Looking for Lost Pirates

Every past Guild member is a val99% of all past Guild members have been a valuable part of our community.  For various reasons some just happened to create more of a legend of their own.  Thankfully we continue to keep in touch with many of them, but unfortunately we have lost touch with others.  Below is a bit of their stories and a hope we connect with them again in the future…

An Ode to Hermano

Hermano joined PoBD as a pre-60 Hunter within the early months of our foundation.  He was the second Hunter to join the Guild that had

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An Ode to Chhen

If memory serves me correctly, Chhen joined PoBD within the first few weeks of its creation.  This is before most people were level 60 or

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An Ode to TSL

I only played WoW with TSL for 1-2 years, and he remains one of the best Paladins I have ever played with.  I’m not sure

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