Finding Buried Treasure (aka “Tet Marks the Spot”)

Now, we all know the true treasure in Pirates is the friends we made along the way.  However, sometimes there’s even more bounty to be found…

As the esteemed Tetrahydra and Springy re-boarded the ship, I was given a treasure map.  Apparently over the years they had recorded and compiled videos of various encounters, humor, and what not but never shared or released them.  Tet was kind enough to lead the way, we stuck our shovels in the dirt, and the treasure was found.

I am excited to announce that there are 12 videos in total.  I have begun the process of creating a YouTube channel and uploading each there.  The channel can be found at

I hope you enjoy each as much as I do, and a big Thank You to anyone involved in making them.  Please let me know if you ever have any images or videos to share, and I will include them in the Gallery.