Guild Achievements for Completion

There are a handful of Guild Achievements I would like to eventually complete for PoBD.  Many of them have a reward for completion such as unlocking pieces of Heirloom Gear, Mounts, etc.  Others are simply for the sake of having them complete such as old dungeons and raids we completed long ago before Achievements were a thing.

Click here for a full list of PoBD Guild Achievements on WoW Armory.

Once any character has all Guild rewards they are permanent.  In other words if you leave PoBD, transfer servers, etc. you will retain all Heirlooms, Mounts, Pets, etc.


Gaining Guild Reputation

Several of the Guild Achievements require Honored reputation or higher with the guild.  Thankfully this is a relatively easy and short task.  There is a helpful guide on Wowhead.  Most of your reputation is going to come through Quests.  To speed it up, here is what I do:

  1. Begin questing until you hit Friendly.
  2. Go to the Guild Vendor.  Shay Pressler for Alliance, and Goram for Horde.
  3. Purchase an Illustrious Guild Tabard and equip it.
  4. Continue questing/playing until you hit Honored.  Go back to the Guild Vendor.
  5. Purchase a Renowned Guild Tabard and equip it.
  6. Continue until you hit Exalted.
  7. As a bonus, at Honored you can also purchase a Wrap of Unity and at Revered a Cloak of Coordination.  Each will give you an additional teleport to either Stormwind or Orgrimmar on a 4 hour and 2 hour cooldown (respectively).
  8. There are plenty of other Guild Rewards available along the way as well.

Prioritized Guild Achievements