Welcome Home

PoBD was originally founded on April 12, 2005 as Pirates of Balls Deep in World of Warcraft on the Illidan – US – Alliance server. 

In the nearly 20 years since many great Pirates have come and gone while others have stuck around until this day.  While we aren’t as active in WoW as we used to be, a group has been known to set sail with every expansion.  We also play plenty of other games, and you can always find someone in Discord.

This website exists to keep a presence for the Guild and help old members find their way home.  Hopefully you are one of those people.  While the website has been around most of the 15+ years, it has been defunct at times.  This version is better designed for the long-term.  Contact has an e-mail form along with various links to our Discord server, Battle.net Community, and Guild profiles.  Even if the updates are sparse, so long as the website is functioning we will be reachable…and if anyone has PoBD memories they’d like to share, I am happily taking submissions.

Whether it has been a few days or over a decade, I hope this message finds you doing well.  Maybe we’ll chat sometime soon.

Your Faithful Captain,

Hangover (Zamphir)

Recent Guild Updates

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