An Ode to TSL

I only played WoW with TSL for 1-2 years, and he remains one of the best Paladins I have ever played with.  I’m not sure I ever even knew what “TSL” stood for, but hopefully it is something similar to The Silent Legend…because that is what he was.

TSL joined PoBD a few months into Burning Crusade’s release.  He was a level 70 Paladin interested in raiding and stood out from his very first run.  He didn’t say much at times, but his performance spoke volumes.  At the time Prot Paladins were just becoming a real thing, and while he could keep every single healer on their toes, there were certain bosses you just didn’t “do” without TSL there.  Most of our Paladins were rather dedicated healers, and it took gear to tank – but whenever there was a job to be done TSL is who you wanted responsible for it.  The guy played Paladin with precision.

TSL – If you’re out there I hope you are doing well, and it’d be good to hear from you again.