An Ode to Munchkin (& his Family)

By the time Munchkin joined PoBD mid-Vanilla our roster of Mages was already at full strength.  Players like Chickeninja and Hansomepete set the standards on DPS meters and AoE responsibilities in encounters.  However, we were always looking to keep a good balance of membership, and Munchkin and his family came along at the right time.  Some were there to socialize, some were there to level, and some were there to raid…and that is where Munchkin cut his teeth.

It was on the way to Firemaw in BWL when Munchkin first staked his claim.  Clearing the numerous trash mobs was usually the thankless jobs of Mages who could DPS fast…and die faster.  There were bound to be some repair bills and buffs lost, but each week our Mages took the task.  During his application to the Guild, Munchkin offered to step up and do the deed.  It was certainly a noble offer for an applicant to make, and everyone else due up were quick to oblige.

60 seconds later Munchkin stood there, very much alive with the mobs very much dead.  That was probably the end of his application and the beginning of his Membership.

Beyond that he was an all-around likable person.  Always quick to help a Guildmate with his numerous alts or depth of knowledge…everyone appreciated Munchkin.

Munchkin, if you’re out there, it’d be good to hear from you again.