An Ode to Hermano

Hermano joined PoBD as a pre-60 Hunter within the early months of our foundation.  He was the second Hunter to join the Guild that had end-game interest and one of the earliest applicants.  He was an important part of our raid progression in the early days of Vanilla and a well-liked Guildmate all around.

As a person, the name “Hermano” fit him perfectly.  He was a good balance to the engineer-like way our other key Hunter, Umi, played the game and pulled the raids.  He put up big numbers on the damage meters, kept the raid level-headed, and was part of a group you’d call “old reliable”.  Hermano was the first person to congratulate you when you got a piece of loot and one of the most consistent raiders we had.

Hermano – if you’re out there brother, get in touch.