An Ode to Eliteshocker

Sometimes a person and their character just match well – from the class to the role to the name.  Few people fit that description better than Eliteshocker.

Eliteshocker joined PoBD in the mid-Molten Core days.  He was a level 60 Warrior looking to raid and was a beast in PVP.  He was also a very likable person who had a few moments that remain memorable 15+ years later…

  1. Posting some of the best pictures to the Guild Photobucket.
  2. Farming/purchasing approximately 30 Flasks for our Blackwing Lair raid the night we were preparing for our first Nefarian kill…and a raid he knew he had to miss due to IRL commitments.

Eliteshocker was both a badass person and player.  If you’re out there we need more stories and pictures.